Aidan Hall

Lead Captain (Flotsam/Jetsam)

Aidan Hall joined the Argonaut team in spring of 2022 as the Lead Captain for the Flotsam and Jetsam debris harvester vessels. With over five years of experience in the maritime industry, ranging from kayaks and canoes up to the thousand footers that ply the Great Lakes water, Aidan brings a unique perspective on the Cuyahoga River.

He graduated from the Great Lakes Maritime Academy (GLMA) with a bachelor’s degree in Maritime Transportation along with the following licenses: a USCG Third Mate Unlimited license upon the ocean and a First Class Pilots license for the Great Lakes. After graduating from GLMA, Aidan went to work on the Great Lakes getting experience in every form of working vessel from small 60’ tugs to the 1004’ American Spirit.

In January 2021, Aidan and his fiancé purchased and renovated an old motorhome and traveled the country while living in it full-time with their cat and two dogs. After a year on the road, they decided to move back to Northeast Ohio where they were both born and raised.

Coming back to Cleveland to serve as Lead Captain with Argonaut was an easy decision for Aidan and he is greatly looking forward to the challenge of helping to build an on-water program to help continue the cleanup of the Cuyahoga River.