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July 13, 2020

Cleveland, OhioPHASTAR Corporation, a 501c3 nonprofit, was awarded a $10,000 financial contribution by the Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation for its Marine Safety Program that benefits the students of Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School (Davis A&M) and the local community. The financial contribution will help to ensure the program’s continued existence and success.

PHASTAR Marine Safety operates in the Cuyahoga River and on our Lakefront.  The primary vessel, PHASTAR 2543, is a 2005 SafeBoat Rescue Boat-Small (RB-S) equipped for Basic and Advanced Life Support, Water Rescue, and emergency towing assistance. The boat is staffed with a USCG Captain, EMT/Medic, Rescue Swimmer/Lifeguard, and two-deck crew. This vessel is the cornerstone of the Marine Safety program, in which PHASTAR provides commercial vessel escorts, special event safety planning, safety audits, small debris and trash removal, and routine safety patrol.

In 2019, PHASTAR Marine Safety operated from May until December. During this time, the aforementioned services were provided every weekend, on holidays, and during special events.  Highlights of the 2019 season of service included 12 rescue/assists of persons from the water, 12 urgent assists of vessels from danger, over 100 commercial vessel escorts from Cleveland’s Inner Harbor up the River and just under one ton of garbage removed from the Cuyahoga River. The 2020 season began in May and is already shaping up to be a busy one, with 51 deep draft escorts, 21 Mayday/Pan-Pan responses, and 11 person in the water (PIW) responses through July 5th alone. As more recreational boaters share the river and lakefront with commercial vessels, the importance of the increased safety that the program provides has only become more evident. 

PHASTAR 2543 also serves as a training vessel for students at Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School in Cleveland, of which PHASTAR Corp. is a founding partner.  Students have an opportunity to work on the rescue boat and earn experience and sea time for maritime careers, as well as improve their communication skills when interacting with commercial and recreational boaters. Students serve in the roles of deck crew and lifeguards, as they are qualified, and are paid for their service.

About PHASTAR Corp.:

PHASTAR Corp. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that currently includes three areas of operation: Education, Aerospace and Maritime. PHASTAR was born in 2010 out of a vision to improve the quality of education and public services in Northeast Ohio. Through a combined business/education model, PHASTAR is able to offer unique life experiences and learning and training opportunities to high school and technical education students and adults seeking to learn new skills. This model affords the chance to not only improve the efficiency and scope of local industry and public services, but also helps to arm local students and adults with the tools to break the cycle of poverty and achieve self-suffiency. PHASTAR also partners with government, higher education and industry to develop technical training and education initiatives that deliver 21st century job skills and services that support the needs of the Northeast Ohio community.  PHASTAR is co-founder of Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School, a Cleveland Metropolitan School District high school featuring aerospace and maritime-themed curriculum For more information about PHASTAR, visit For more information about Davis A&M, please visit

Contact:                Drew Ferguson, President, PHASTAR