Our Missions

PHASTAR Corp., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, currently operates three divisions that share a common goal of improving the quality of public health, education and safety services in Northeast Ohio. These divisions include: Community Paramedicine, Davis Aerospace & Maritime ® High School, and Discover Aviation Center. Each division strives to meet PHASTAR’s overall mission of improving the quality of public health, education, and safety services in Northeast Ohio, and has a specific mission of its own:

Community Paramedicine Mission:

To provide more effective and efficient medical services  at home at a lower cost, while allowing medical professionals to function outside of their traditional emergency response and transport roles to help facilitate more appropriate and responsible use of emergency care resources. CP enhances access to primary care for medically underserved populations, expand services, reduce costs, and to close the gap of healthcare to meet community health needs.

Davis Aerospace & Maritime ® Mission:

To engage kids through a personalized, challenging curriculum with real-world connections, internships with community partners, and anytime-anywhere learning, so they believe in their abilities, explore new opportunities, and chart their own course.

Discover Aviation Center Mission:

To introduce area residents, particularly area youth to aviation related careers in fun and entertaining ways through outreach, event planning and collaboration.