Operations temporarily suspended at PHASTAR offices due to COVID-19

Effective Monday, November 16th, PHASTAR temporarily suspended operations at our offices due to COVID-19.  We will remain closed for 14 days and resume after the Thanksgiving Holidays. 

This closure is very upsetting as I know the value of the programming we provide for our Davis A&M students.  The closure is a direct result of my contracting COVID-19.  Anyone who has been to PHASTAR or spent any time with me knows how hypervigilant we have been.  Just last week we implemented new PPE requirements in response to the surge in cases.  Our efforts since March have always been focused on providing our students a safe space to continue their academic growth.  I am embarrassed and disappointed by this failure.  We will identify any weaknesses in our plan and correct them.  Our facility will be deep cleaned prior to returning and we will strictly adhere to the new PPE strategy once reopened.    

Our high school Safe Study Space program does not receive any outside financial support.  It is the commitment of our Davis and PHASTAR staff and volunteers that carry this program.  The ongoing support we receive from you is vital to our students continuing success, and we are deeply appreciative.  The Davis A&M students are more than doing their part during these confusing times and remain enthusiastic and committed.   We need to continue to do ours.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

– Drew Ferguson, President