Divisions & Mission

Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School

Education Mission

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The Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School is dedicated to preparing all students to graduate as highly literate, vocationally competent, life-long learners. Graduates will have confidence and self worth as a direct result of the STEM based learning experience; be prepared for college placement or vocational advanced-learning with some students certified/licensed to enter industry careers upon graduation. Our merit-based culture will emphasize an environment of respect for individual career choices within the Aerospace, Maritime, Aero-Medical and related industries.

Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School is operated cooperatively with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD), which provides the core Math, History, English, etc. courses. PHASTAR provides Davis A&M’s thematic programming and vocational staff and equipment.

The PHASTAR Initiative

Public Safety Aviation Service Mission


PHASTAR’s public safety mission promotes superior air medical and public safety services throughout Northern Ohio focusing on the preparation for and response to life threatening emergencies. We are mobilizing the expertise of local professionals from aviation, medicine, public safety and airport operations to provide safe and affordable services to the citizens of Northeast Ohio. By partnering with regional hospitals, relevant government agencies, and private investors, the PHASTAR Initiative will improve the overall efficiency of emergency response services lowering costs to taxpayers while bringing new, high paying jobs to our area. Emerging technologies in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) not only offer improved means for providing these services, but PHASTAR’s established role with UAS promotes significant industry growth locally.

Presently, due to the limited availability of Northeast Ohio based air medical service contractors, the services are provided by out of state vendors and a largely non-local workforce. Improved economics in Ohio’s aerospace industry strengthen the argument to base these services locally.