D. Andrew Ferguson | Douglas McConnell | Henry Billingsley | Paul & Vicki Koziol

D. Andrew Ferguson

D. Andrew Ferguson and partner Douglas McConnell founded PHASTAR Corporation in the Fall of 2010. In 2011 Mr. Ferguson was appointed as President and CEO and is responsible for the overall direction and operations of the corporation.

Prior to the launching of PHASTAR, Mr. Ferguson served as the Aviation Manager for MetroHealth System’s Metro Life Flight program, where he oversaw the day-to-day operations of Metro’s four aircraft and thirty-four aviation staff. Metro Life Flight, transporting approximately 2000 patients annually, has experienced significant changes in recent years. As Aviation Manager, Mr. Ferguson was also responsible for the strategic planning and vision of the aviation operations, including development and implementation of the program’s new basing plan, assisting with the development of an RFP for the hospital to select a new aviation vendor, aircraft and aviation vendor transition planning and implementation, and the development of Instrument Flight infrastructure to allow increased weather capabilities. Prior to serving as the Aviation Manager, Mr. Ferguson flew as a line pilot for Life Flight.

Mr. Ferguson grew up in Northeast Ohio, and has a demonstrated, life-long commitment to serving this community and realizing excellence in aeronautics and public safety. He joined his local fire department as a volunteer during his junior year at University School, and has served as a firefighter for more than two decades. Mr. Ferguson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a Masters of Public Health degree from Cleveland State University with graduate certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management, and is a certified firefighter/EMT and Rescue Technician. Mr. Ferguson is an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII) in helicopters and has been flying since 1989, when he first strapped into a small two-seat Cessna in Portage County, Ohio.

Mr. Ferguson and Mr. McConnell started working together in 2004 at DougMac Air Limited, a Helicopter Air Carrier providing Helicopter Charter and Electronic News Gathering (ENG) services, where Mr. Ferguson served as director of operations. Through their combined sixty plus years of experience in Northern Ohio’s aviation industry, Mr. Ferguson and Mr. McConnell gained tremendous insight into what produces success in the skies above Northeast Ohio.  Their vision promises to bring about positive changes in Northeast Ohio, specifically the areas of  public health, public safety, education, aerospace and maritime.

Douglas McConnell

Douglas McConnell co-founded PHASTAR Corporation in the Fall of 2010 with D. Andrew Ferguson. Mr. McConnell serves on the Board of Directors as Vice President and is responsible for the finances and direction of the corporation.

In addition to his activities with PHASTAR, Mr. McConnell currently owns and operates MRK Aviation, Inc. As the owner and President of MRK Aviation, Mr. McConnell directly oversees the multiple operations including airport management (Lorain County Airport), a FBO (Fixed-Base Operator), flight management and training services.

Prior to his current endeavors, Mr. McConnell has provided his vision and leadership in several successful aviation companies in Northeast, Ohio. One of his greatest endeavors was Global Ground Services, Inc. & Aviation Ground Services, LTD. Starting with three locations in the Midwest, Mr. McConnell was able to guide the company to a total of eighteen locations across the United Stated, sales in excess of $35 million per year and a work force of over 900 employees. In 1999, Mr. McConnell successfully sold Global Ground Services and Aviation Ground Services. After a short hiatus, he returned to Lorain County Airport where his professional career began almost thirty years prior. From his beginnings as a General Manager of the Fixed-Base Operator in Lorain County, to his current project as owner and president of MRK Aviation, Mr. McConnell has proven his entrepreneurship in successfully launching and managing more than five Northeast Ohio based aviation companies.

Mr. McConnell hired Mr. Ferguson in 2004 as Director of Operations for DougMac Air Limited, a Helicopter Air Carrier providing Helicopter Charter and Electronic News Gathering (ENG) services. They have successfully operated two separate helicopter news contracts in Cleveland, a flight school and for the past five years worked to determine how they could improve the helicopter air medical services in our region. Together, they envision providing higher quality, more affordable service and a reduction of the tax burden on Northeast Ohio.

Henry Billingsley

PHASTAR Corporation Interim Board Member

Mr. Billingsley serves as an interim board member for PHASTAR Corporation.

Paul & Vicki Koziol

PHASTAR Corporation Board Members

Paul and Vicki Koziol founded the Discover Aviation Center (DAC) in January 2013 as a part of the PHASTAR family, and joined the PHASTAR Corp. Board of Directors.  DAC operates out of a hangar at the Lorain County Regional Airport in Elyria.