Discover Aviation Center

Discover Aviation Center, a division of PHASTAR Corp., was created to introduce Northeast Ohio residents to the exciting world of aviation, and collaborates with other aviation nonprofits to grow and strengthen the aviation community.  DAC’s mission is to introduce area residents, particularly youth to aviation related careers in fun and entertaining ways through outreach, event planning, and collaboration. DAC also offers a Flying Club, which was started to:

  • Make Flying Fun.
  • Make Flying Affordable.
  • Make More Pilots and help them earn more ratings.

DAC Flying Club is the ONLY flying club in the country that is actively pursuing approval by the local FSDO to enhance the region’s safety culture by offering a pilot annual training in conjunction with the FAA Safety Team Wings Program and its own Safety Management System (SMS).  DAC’s Safety Management System is being built because pilots make mistakes, and if those mistakes are shared, analyzed, and recorded, and we can provide that pilot protection from certificate action. DAC can then collect that data and build a training program designed around the specific needs of Northeast Ohio area pilots. DAC Flying Club believes that if we build a strong safety culture right here, then you will be a safer and more confident aviator and will share your love of aviation with others.