PHASTAR Update – March 2020

PHASTAR Corporation remains open and committed to supporting our students at Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School and our community.  We need your support!!!

Founded as a Public Health, Public Safety and Education organization that provides solutions to complex issues, we are committed to “YES”!!!  In response to COVID-19 we have developed and implemented processes to mitigate risk within our home base, have carefully tracked and screened our employees to ensure that we are and continue to remain healthy and safe, and have begun to develop new plans to continue to deliver programs and services to our students and community.  We continue to support the Cleveland Metropolitan School District in every way we can and remain especially committed to the staff and students of Davis A&M. 

PHASTAR Marine services will return for 2020 with “Liddle Blue” being mission-ready by the end of this month.  We have several projects in development for launch in late 2020 into 2021 that will feature our Davis A&M students as ambassadors of Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River.  Discover Aviation Center continues to operate with the challenge of carrying on the mission in a world of social distancing.  We are developing strategies that will allow us to utilize new RedBird Simulators in remote or mobile locations, allowing students to continue their training without putting themselves or others at risk.  There are solutions and a way forward.

The PHASTAR team has decades of experience in Public Health and Public Safety.  We continue to communicate with private and public entities offering what insight and assistance we can.  PHASTAR’s experience with Community Paramedicine may provide new options and opportunities as COVID-19 continues to spread.  We stand ready to provide assistance, data and guidance if called upon. 

If you are in the position to assist, now more than ever, PHASTAR needs your financial support.  The programs’ costs continue to rise and our ability to generate revenue from our services and traditional fundraising has been hindered.  Please, see this as a fantastic opportunity for you to invest in an organization that will give you and our community a significant return on investment.

Thank you and stay safe.

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On-site Notary Public available!