PHASTAR is a Northeast Ohio based, non-profit aviation corporation born out of a vision to improve the quality of public health, education and safety services in Northeast Ohio. The combined business/education model outlined below offers unique life experiences and learning opportunities for high school and technical education students, improving the efficiency and scope of local industry, air medical and public safety services. The vision begins with the launch of the Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School.




After many years of planning and preparation, the Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School opened its doors in August 2017 for its inaugural class.  The school, which is operated cooperatively with CMSD providing traditional core instruction like English, History, and Math, and PHASTAR providing thematic and vocational instruction, staff, and equipment, with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM. The high school is ideal for students who want to pursue their curiosity or passion for the aviation, aerospace, maritime or marine industries..